Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Wednesday

This post is inspired by my BFF, Brooke Fuller. She's a stud. Along with being a Mom to 2 very small children, she is a great writer, an awesome financier, a successful baby carrier creator and duh, my BFF. We were college roommates. You often hear of roommate nightmares, where your roommate didn't shower, shave, ate all your food without permission, had a kinky obsession with dogs, etc. You don't often hear the story that we share: a perfect match. You think I'm kidding? Well, fine. Don't believe me. But, believe that on our first night in Shupe hall, I was still modest and changed into my PJ's in the bathroom. When I came out, we were wearing MATCHING PAJAMAS. That is no coincidence. I love her to death. I dedicate this Why Wednesday, the first of many, to my Twin B.

WHY did I get so lucky as to just have an addiction to coffee rather than say, crack?

WHY does Owen wake up so early in the morning, no matter if he stays up late or goes to bed early, nap or no nap. When will it end?

WHY do I care so much what people think of me?

WHY can I never live in the same location as my BFF?

WHY does bread not mold when you put it in brown sugar?

WHY do I waste so much time?

WHY do I always want a sugar cookie at 11pm?

WHY don't we appreciate how good we look when we are young? Why does it take aging and looking worse to say "Oh my gosh. What wasted energy!"

WHY would anyone want to market themselves under "Exotic Services" anyway?

WHY don't you send me a nice birthday present in the mail?
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