Monday, July 26, 2010

On this day...

On this day, 7 years ago, I got up early in a rundown hotel room on the far end of town. I found my BFF gluing pearls on to a long piece of tulle and my other best friends smiling all around. I stopped for a frappa-something because I'd not gotten much sleep and went to a fancy tanning salon to dry and zap the zits that had developed in the previous hot and sticky days. I was rushed, as I always am - even today - but still, excited.

A bee landed on my bouquet moments after I received it and my quick jerk and shake of the stem, caused it to turn back in to loose fresh flowers. And even though the photographer's camera broke and the cake caught on fire, I still managed to have the best day of my life.

Happy 7th Nick - there is no itching here! I still don't hate you.

And thank you to my cousin, Cole, for sharing his special day with us on his 4th birthday all those years ago. You are 11 today and I'm watching you drink coffee, you old man.